Nicholas Timme


Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis


  • 3/28 - Our paper on computation and rich clubs was posted to bioRxiv (link).
  • 3/27 - Our paper on maternal deprivation and altered neural encoding was published (link).
  • 3/3 to 3/9 - I attended the Alcohol and the Nervous System Gordon Research Conference and Seminar. At the seminar, I presented a poster entitled "Using a Bayesian model to explore the behavioral factors that influence the decision to consume alcohol in rodents." At the conference, I presented a poster entitled "Alcohol cue and drinking intent encoding is diminished in the prefrontal cortex of alcohol preferring rats."


  • 11/11 to 11/15 - I attended SfN 2017 and presented a dynamic poster on decision-making related information encoding in mPFC of rodents during an alcohol drinking task (link, page 1059, poster PD10/NN31)
  • 6/24 to 6/28 - I attended the Research Society on Alcoholism's annual meeting in Denver and presented a poster on our information theory analysis of neural data from a rodent model of compulsive drinking (link,  poster 051 - 380).
  • 5/31 to 6/2 - I attended the eighth Statistical Analysis of Neuronal Data (Sand8) workshop in Pittsburgh and presented a poster on our Neuroscience Information Theory Matlab Toolbox (link, poster 20).


  • 11/12 to 11/16 - I attended SfN 2016 and presented a poster on our Neuroscience Information Theory software package (link, page 1630, poster LLL30).
  • 11/10 - Our Neuroscience Information Theory software package was launched.
  • 9/27 - Our criticality and complexity paper was published (link).
  • 9/1 - Our dissociated culture data was posted on the CRCNS data sharing website (link).
  • 6/27 - Our criticality methods paper was published (link).
  • 6/14 - The Neural Complexity and Criticality (NCC) Matlab Toolbox was launched.
  • 5/9 - Our computation paper was published (link).
  • 1/20 - Our rich-club paper was published (link).
  • 1/6 - I started my post-doc in the Lapish Lab at IUPUI.


  • 12/19 - I graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics from Indiana University!
  • 12/4 - I defended my thesis!