Nicholas Timme

Assistant Research Professor (Twitter)

Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis

Rat Compulsive Drinking Data

We posted the spike sorted action potential data for the rat 2CAP paper here (link). This data set contains recordings from 14 male rats (7 P rats and 7 Wistars) performing the 2CAP task for 10% alcohol and 10% alcohol + 0.1 g/L quinine. Thousands of neurons were recorded across multiple sessions and animals.

Rat Hippocampal Dissociated Culture Data

Our research group posted a large collection of recordings from dissociated hippocampal cultures produced from rats on the CRCNS data sharing website (link). The recordings were performed for days in vitro (DIV) 6 through 35 with all cultures being recorded multiple times throughout development. The recordings were performed with a large multielectrode array (Multichannel Systems, square lattice, 60 electrodes, 200 μm interelectrode spacing, 30 μm electrode diameter, flat electrodes) and spike sorted. The cultures were not stimulated, so these data represent spontaneous activity. In total, 435 recordings are provided, most of which possess about one hundred neurons (min: 3, max: 142, mean: 91, total: 39,529). The average firing rate of the neurons was 1.9 Hz. The data were binned at 20 kHz and are presented in units of bins (0.05 ms). The lengths of the recordings were approximately 1 hour.

Mouse Slice Culture Data

Our research group posted a large collection of cortical slice culture recordings on the CRCNS data sharing website (link). In total, 25 one hour recordings are provided from somatosensory cortex recorded using a large (512 electrode) and dense (60 um interelectrode spacing) array. Most of the recordings possess hundreds of spike sorted neurons (min: 98, max: 594, mean: 309, total: 7735).

Logic Gate Information Values

The following downloads contain the values of the information measures discussed in my multivariate information theory review article (link) for all possible two and three input Boolean logic gates in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. (two input download, three input download)